Darren Frank, Ghost Cousin, Lou Wreath! Heart Failure Research Unit, Smokey, Lorrie Matheson!

What a fine fine weekend we have ahead of us!: Friday will be a pop rock poltergeist rocking the whole room with Darren Frank leading the troops. His 2010 release was received by rave reviews and since then he has been a busy member of the very popular Yes Nice. Playing with him are Ghost Cousin, a fresh outfit that’s been clawing their way to the top of the hill with their post-Beatles heart throb croon. Opening the night is former front man of the Pale Moon Lights, Kris Glabush, aka Lou Wreath, who has been penning bottomless neo-folk since his self-imposed reinvention. More information here. Saturday is home to a different vibration entirely. Tear your heart out for a night of folk reformation! Calgary’s Dustin Anderson brings his Heart Failure Research Unit to town for an Edmonton CD Release of the finest variety. Super-producer and HFRU band member, Lorrie Matheson also joins the bill, much to our delight. Lorrie has been moving and shaking in Calgary for a long long time and it is our pleasure to have him at The Elevation Room. What’s more, Edmonton’s own Smokey Johnson will be playing. Smokey (front man of for-those-who-know drudge rock phenomenons Field+Stream) is a headliner in and of himself. His molasses thick existential hymns will take you apart and put you back together again. Don’t miss it! More details here.


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