Jordan Norman, NEK Trio, Wild Rose Orchestra! Boreal Sons, Liam Trimble, James of Dark Wood, Barobliq!

This Friday we have a three course banquet of music as diverse as it is impressive. The indie folk vibes from Jordan Norman & The Wisdom Teeth will soothe, the hip-hop jazz RJD2 styled compositions of NEK Trio will delight as they send their new EP into the brave new future, and the horn infused folk soul of Wild Rose Orchestra will satiate through and through! More info here.

Saturday is a parade through the alternate currents of song writing. The romantic swoon of Calgary’s Boreal Sons will have you dizzied in luscious melodies. Liam Trimble, tried and true, will hold down the vote for the guitar fundamentalists. Precocious upstarts James of Dark Wood will steal your hearts. And new gun Barobliq will be cleaning clocks. Don’t miss it! More info here.

[youtube: [youtube:

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