Braden Gates, Boreal Sons, Layton Kramer // Krang, Clay Sample

The wunderkind of Edmonton’s chilly folk cadre, Braden Gates, descends on Elevation Room this Friday with an all new album in the talons!!! Boreal Sons, the baroque folk zephyr winding north from their native Calgary, will make your let-down hair dance over your shoulders. And the not-so-green Layton Kramer of the Eerie Green will delight. Must not be missed…  $10, 8pm

On the other hand if you have been looking to get your mind melted then come to Elevation Room this Saturday to have Krang psychedelically meld minds with you and melt it from within. They will be releasing a very limited cassette featuring improvised jams from the recent Prairie Tragedy sessions (the coming Krang full length). Featuring the talents of Renny Wilson on organ. Also featuring the lithe, mind massaging fingers of Clay Sample to prepare you for the evening. $5, 8pm



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