Menu Features

Our specials change regularly. Besides having some of the best coffee in Canada Transcend is now carrying a select variety of premier micro brews, gorgeous liquors, and classy wines.

Beer special:




Bottles of Alley Kat Full Moon Pale Ale   |   $4

Food (all made in house):

Biscoitos (Brazilian beer snacks) | $2
Delightful, crunchy snacks made from sour manioc starch, lightly seasoned. Like grown-up cheetos. Gluten free.

Empanada   |   $ 5.5
Rich, flakey house-made pastry stuffed and baked with a variety of fresh local ingredients.

Focaccia   |   $5.5
Slow fermented bread baked in a hearth oven and topped with seasonal local ingredients.

Pão de Queijo   |   three for $4 (trad) or $4.5 (guava)
Pronounced POW-de-KAY-jew. Brazilian cheese buns made from sour manioc starch. Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside. Choose traditional cheese or guava for a touch of sweetness. Gluten free ingredients.


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